The 2023 French Cycling Champion and EXODRY.BIKE's Saroo Innovation: An Inspiring Success Story


We are proud to present an article written by Sébastien Havot: the first French e-cycling champion in 2023.

In this article, Sébastien shares his personal experience. He wants to share how a revolutionary innovation has helped to improve his indoor cycling.

Let Sébastien HAVOT guide you through his journey and introduce you to EXODRY.BIKE's Saroo training desk, a device that plays a crucial role in his success.

Read on to find out how Sébastien Havot sets out to be a champion and how this innovation can also help you maximise your indoor cycling performance.

Initially, I didn't have much interest in virtual races, which have become popular during periods of confinement. In September 2021, the founder of Hexagone contacted my best friend about joining their team, and there was still one place available. I was pretty hesitant, but I thought "why not give it a go?". I started taking part in a few races, and in the end I was pleasantly surprised. Now I'm back at the world championships.

I've been cycling indoors since 2021, and from my first session I realised how crucial it was to manage my body temperature. We all know that physical exercise at high temperatures is harmful to the body and is of no interest unless you're preparing for a race in the desert. Like many people, my first reaction was to open the window, but even when it was cold outside, it was still uncomfortable.

Then I opted for a conventional fan. This proved to be a more convincing alternative, as the airflow it produced helped to lower the temperature, making my sessions more comfortable. However, there was one major drawback: it was very difficult to place. At each session, it was difficult to find the ideal position, as the temperature changed during the workout, requiring interruptions to readjust it. What's more, when the fan was positioned on one side, like on the right, it cooled me on one side, but I sweated on the other. If I placed it facing me, it compromised access to my multimedia devices. Then I tested a connected fan, which often made me feel cold because the heart rate-based fan speed control didn't match the way I felt, not to mention the problems of pairing conflicts between devices.

That's why I was immediately intrigued by the solution offered by EXODRY.BIKE with its Saroo training desk.

The EXODRY.BIKE training desk sits in front of the user, offering a revolutionary solution to my concerns during indoor cycling sessions. One of its most striking advantages is the power of its airflow, which is far more efficient than a conventional fan. It precisely targets the areas that are crucial for heat exchange. I often start my session by directing the airflow at my legs, then move it up towards my upper body as the temperature rises, and that's super comfortable and super effective. No more freezing at the start of your session, you can even switch it on a few minutes after you've started pedalling. With Saroo, you can control everything without getting off your bike.

From my first use, I was blown away by the way Saroo solved my body temperature regulation problems. No need to open a window or juggle with a traditional fan. Saroo manages this task with impressive efficiency, enabling me to maintain an optimum temperature to keep up my performance.

Saroo's major advantage lies in its ability to direct the airflow directly to the areas where body heat accumulates. This means I stay comfortably dry throughout my session, whatever the temperature outside. No more worries about uneven humidity or the inconvenience of a badly positioned fan.

What's more, the Saroo training desk also incorporates a practical holder for my multimedia devices, putting them within easy reach without taking up any extra space. As a result, my training experience has been significantly simplified and improved.

In short, thanks to the commercial collaboration with EXODRY.BIKE, Saroo has proved to be an invaluable asset during my home trainer sessions. It ensures precise control of my body temperature thanks to an adjustable air flow from my training station, without any interruption to my session. Saroo is now an essential pillar of my training routine, allowing me to concentrate fully on my objectives, whether during competitions or simple training sessions, without being disrupted by temperature or organisation problems.

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