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roc d'azur 2023

Nous sommes ravis d'avoir participé au salon du Roc d'Azur! Notre stand était un véritable point de rencontre pour partager notre passion et nos produits avec vous tous. Merci à tous ceux qui sont venus nous rendre visite et qui ont contribué à faire de cet événement une réussite. Nous sommes impatients de vous retrouver l'année prochaine pour de nouvelles aventures au Roc d'Azur !"

Sébastien Havot champion de France cyclisme e.cycling 2023

Découvrez pourquoi le champion de France ne jure que par notre produit

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Etape du Tour de France 2023

Une journée mémorable au salon du village de départ de l'étape du Tour de France 2023, où nous avons eu le plaisir de faire découvrir Saroo à de nombreux visiteurs

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Pedal with Saroo to boost your power

Proper regulation of your body temperature will allow your muscles to function optimally, resulting in improved performance and more productive training sessions.

Optimised environment

Create a comfortable training space by adjusting the ventilation from the training station so that it promotes a pleasant body temperature. A cool, well-ventilated environment will help you maintain an optimum temperature during exercise.

Ultimate control

You control the refreshment you need from the training station, while enjoying access to your digital terminals, all without interrupting your pedalling.

Incomparable efficiency

Saroo has been developed to ensure that the air flow reaches the areas most conducive to heat exchange. This guarantees efficient and comfortable home trainer sessions. Its performance is second to none! We've seen a clear improvement in FTP tests, with much less heat loss than with a conventional fan, even when positioned one metre away. To try Saroo is to adopt it!


Saroo was imagined and developed during long and regular home trainer sessions by a connected training pioneer. This experience has led to the development of the best cooling solution that allows interaction with the airflow from the bike. No longer interrupt training and simplify their implementation as much as possible to start quickly. Save yourself the installation in house of cards

quality and refinement, French manufacturing

We have chosen to manufacture locally. This approach is at the heart of our values. Saroo has been designed, manufactured and packaged in Brittany with the best materials purchased locally whenever possible.

Porte bidon de la table home trainer de Exodry

Your drink at your fingertips

Proper hydration is essential to guarantee the effectiveness of your workouts. We put the bottle in front of your eyes and within easy reach to help you drink regularly

Ventilateur connecté pour la table home trainer Saroo

Stay in control as you feel from the bike

With Saroo, there's no need to stop your session, get off the bike to start up, switch off, change gears or even change the direction of the airflow. All this is done from the bike and by pedaling.

Boîtier de rangement des connectiques de la table pour home trainer Saroo

Connectors always tidy

No more trailing wires, the connector box can accommodate a multi-socket strip (not supplied) to power your multimedia devices.

Pieds réglables du support pour ordinateur home trainer

Remains stable even on uneven ground

In order to guarantee the best stability, we have provided Saroo with 4 adjustable feet to adapt to any unevenness in the floor.

environnement utilisation table home trainer Saroo

Discover the product

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utilisation table home trainer

Stay in control

Only you know what you feel and what you need. Saroo offers you total accessibility to the controls and allows you to direct the airflow as you see fit without interrupting your sessions.

This, at your fingertips!

table pour home trainer Saroo

No login required

Conserve your energy to train. Saroo eliminates tedious installations. No pairing, no app, no moving needed for the best experience

table home trainer Saroo par

A panoramic view

Saroo delivers a refreshing, docking station for multimedia devices without obstructing your field of vision and allowing you to enjoy your favorite TV program in the background if you wish.

Our society

Exodry is a French company that designs and manufactures innovative items for cycling from Brittany and then markets them throughout Europe. Above all, we are passionate practitioners who test our designs on a daily basis. The ease of use of our products is at the heart of the development in order to guarantee you the best possible experience. To find out more, it's here



03-01-2023. Phil1912

Already three sessions with this desk / fan and I like the ergonomics. No more excuses for not being on top on sunny days!

I recommend !

Nationalité acheteur du support pc pour home trainer

09-01-2023. laur92

Mounted today, not yet tested but it's beautiful stuff. Hurry to try it.

Nationalité acheteur du support pc pour home trainer

28-12-2022. Tim

Used twice and this product really meets my needs. Congratulations because everything that is advanced in the description of the Saroo is there! The user manual is very comprehensive. Don't do like me, take care to read it first, it will save you having to disassemble again to remove the protective films

Nationalité acheteur du ventilateur de home traineur

30-01-2023. Roman

Easy assembly, instructions at the top. Keeps its promises and in addition it is made in France. It is a beautiful and effective object, you can go there.

Nationalité acheteur du support pc pour home trainer